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artcommissions's Journal

Art Commissions: Artists Wanted
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Art Commission Promotion & Discussion
Welcome to artcommissions, your one-stop location for advertising your commissions, talking about the commission process, and finding the perfect artist to create the artwork you have in mind! In addition to advertising and discussion, "artist wanted!" posts are encouraged -- feel free to make a post describing the type of custom artwork you are looking for. Artists may then respond with samples of their work, price ranges, and other pertinent information.

This community is NOT genre or media-specific. All types of visual artwork are welcome, including sculpture/3-D, fantasy/sci-fi, animals/pets, comics, graphic arts, tattoo designs, et cetera.

Community Guidelines:

--Discussions, debates, and questions about the commission process are welcome!

--Artwork must be exchanged for money or goods. Offering only "exposure" or "experience" for an artist's work is not allowed under any circumstances. For more about why this is asinine, click here.

--All artist advertisements must include links to example artwork and should include prices or price ranges/ballpark estimates for commission cost.

--Advertisements for other communities or services other than art commissions are not allowed.

--Users with a history of nonpayment or failing to uphold their responsibility as artist or client will be banned at maintainer discretion.

--Commissions for erotic artwork are allowed. These entries must NOT be accompanied by explicit text (this includes terms for fetishes or acts) or images. Links to explicit material must include a text warning as to the content of the image. Example: "Not safe for work, contains female nudity".

--Caveat emptor applies here and artcommissions will not be used as a leveraging point in any dispute between an artist and client. It is advised that each party investigate the other's accountability before doing business with them.