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Apr. 29th, 2015

Circe (Waterhouse)


Spring Sales at SilverFlame Art

I’m holding a sale on commission work.  I’m offering “painterly,” head-and-shoulder character portraits for $30 a piece, and more elaborate illustrations like the one pictured below for $100 each.  These are digitally drawn and painted by hand using a Wacom tablet, and prints are available for the additional cost of print + shipping.  This sale ends on the last day of May, so hurry on over and take a look!

Click the picture to go to the silverflameart.com site and read more.

Apr. 15th, 2015


Taking Art Commissions again!

Starting at $35. :) Please see my whole price list on my website here: http://www.conniebees.com

Feel free to comment here or send me an email at conniebees@vt.edu for more information.
Thanks in advance!

Dec. 18th, 2014

Art by Layne!


Icon Day 06: Moving Out Fundraiser Edition

Hello! I am now holding Icon Day 06 to help me raise funds to move out of my currently toxic living situation. Everybody is welcome to request a free icon! Requests will be open until January 1, 2014. Tipping any amount over $1 will also quality you for any of the group tip incentives. :)

I've also got individual tip incentives, including ACEOS/art cards, 20-icon sheets (for $100!), as well as huge discounts on my usual digital painting prices, which will be counted in the tip tally. I'm also raffling off one extra icon for everybody who signal boosts, with each unique signal boost per platform counting as one entry.

If you are interested in other ways to help, please see my main page for my Moving Out Fundraiser.

Every dollar helps me get one step closer to moving out and healing. Thank you so much, and please spread the word!

Oct. 28th, 2014


$5 headshot sketches or inked chibi commissions for groceries

More behind the cut >uOCollapse )


-I WILL ONLY START AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED (if you could please pay the small PP fee, it would be greatly appreciated)
-These type of commissions will take 3-7 days or less
-Because of the low cost, there will be no refunds and no changes (if you commission me, please trust me to deliver a quality final product; I have completed 27 commissions in 2014)
-There was also one older commissioner who commissioned me a while back for a $5 sketch of a movie star in a soccer uniform but all the reference links are dead U__U Please contact me if you would like for me to draw someone else, have other references or would like a refund.

Oct. 24th, 2014



Commissions Open! (Would like to be able to afford rent)

Sooo, my situation's getting a little bit dire, so I'm getting a little desperate to snap up some commissions to help tide me over for the time being.
Even a little goes a long way! So anything you can do to help would be amazing :)
You can find more examples of my work at poweredbycokezero.tumblr.com, or poweredbycokezero.deviantart.com.

Price info below the cut!
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Sep. 15th, 2014


Open for Commissions! $5-$20+

Hi everyone!

New here and open for commissions to my cost of living, medical expenses and extras.


Details!Collapse )

Sep. 11th, 2014




It's the only time I'll ever draw for free when I'm a poor college student in need of textbook and food $ ^^;

Sep. 3rd, 2014


$5 blinking icons!


I'm trying to get some money to buy a vita D: sooo I'm selling animated icons like these for $5 a pop!(+$1 or 2 extra if you have a complex character maybe)

payment through paypal only please!

if you're interested, you can shoot me a note at DA or FA, or email me at fossilcommissions@gmail.com

I'll be taking a lot of these and will delete this post when i'm full!

Aug. 29th, 2014


Multi commission options (plus sale)

I need to drum up as much business as possible since I'm going somewhere soon and this is my only means of finance right now so...
I'm offering multiple commission types and a sale!
(note: thumbnails below are cropped from their full image and will take you to my FA when clicked so the full picture can be seen)
Type 1: Full Color

Type 2: Sketch

Type 3: Port

Price: $10 an hour, $14 an hour for characters pairs (the port option is the only commission type that remains at $10 an hour for pairs)
Sale: 20% off of any orders of full color pairs between now and Sept 7th!

I currently have a good track record of finishing all my commissions no matter the type within 24 hours to three days as my normal completion rate. I also know that the "x an hour" thing can be kind of scary as you're not completely sure what the final price will be but I can guarantee I normally finish my commissions fast, and I will make sure to let you know before sending an invoice what I estimate your piece will cost in the end if I think it may cost more than my normal low $20 ballpark (for full colors, the 'most expensive' of my commissions types) so I can make sure you are comfortable with the price and are not suddenly hit with a surprise. I also have a public queue list, so clients may check the status of their piece without having to contact me and wait on a reply.

For all my info regarding commissions, including normal ballpark prices for each type, more examples, my terms of service & rules, and how to order from me, click this link. Please DO NOT try to inquire about a commission to me here on LJ! Use email instead.

Aug. 28th, 2014

Flirty Docksy


Needle Felt Minis

VCP copy

I've recently taken up the little craft called Needle Felting and I'd like to create little miniatures of your characters! So far my only example is of Mr Nyanko Sensei from the anime Natsume's Book of Friends, but this is literally only because I don't want to use all of my wool on myself!


This little guy is 3 inches from nose to tail and 2 1/4 inches from forehead to stubbly legs.
A little mini will run you from $8 to $15 depending on amount of colors and total amount of roving needed per character.

Just fill out this little form and I'll get started on your little fluff just as soon as I can!

Your name/handle :
Your email : [or how best to contact you]
Your character : [reference images please]
Anything that NEEDS to be on your little fluff : [something that no matter the size, it needs to be shown on your little critter, like Nyanko's red splashes]
Personality : [this helps me pose your little fluff]

You can either comment here, send me a note on Furaffinity, DeviantART or Weasyl if you'd prefer, or you can shoot me an email at mew4evr@yahoo.com.

After your fluff has been made I will send you photos for approval and after you're happy, I'll request your address to ship them to you! Shipping will be $2 up until you pay $13 in which case I will not exceed you paying $15. (For example if your base price is $14, you won't need to pay shipping.)

These creations are made from sheep's wool and are made in a cat household [but kept away from the cat].
(There is a smoker in the home, but they smoke outside only so this should not be an issue.)

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