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MrLich (Say it how you like.)

The Basics
Open for commissions.


What I'll draw:
Ummm... pretty much anything, but the further out there you get, the more it will likely cost you. Ask and we'll figure it out.

What I won't draw:
Well, there's not much, but no bestiality, child porn, or other illegal stuff.

Price Range:
Rough bust sketches for things like badges/user icons etc: $5
Rough full figure sketch, w/ no background: $7
Refined B&W full figure w/ digital inks: $10
Digital inks w/ color and no background: $15
Digital inks w/ color and a simple background: $20

Additional Stuff:
Additional characters in B&W: $5
Additional characters in color: $10
Animals (pets etc) - digital inks: $10
Animals (pets etc) - w/ color: $15
Animation of the illustration process - no audio: $10
Animation of the illustration process with music I select: $12
Animation of the illustration process with audio commentary by me: $15

The Technique:

  • All images are created digitally only unless you let me know well in advance as we'll need to work something special out. This can benefit you immensely.

  • You retain the rights to your character while I retain the right to use the image.

  • I may create an animation of the illustration process. See above. I'll let you know if I'm planning on creating an animation at the end of the illustration process - when I send you the final image. If I'm not, and you would like one, the above prices stand as they are. There are some samples on my Youtube channel:

My Website:
My Deviantart Page:

Interested? Comment here or use my feedback form on my site.

Thanks for checking it out!
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