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Last Minute Commissions!

So, the wolf/wolfdog fur (shed fur is all mixed up in big wads in the box, yey!) came in early! For those of you following my last post on here. Although I told myself I wouldn't do any more art before leaving, I just couldn't resist. Plus, I could really use some extra money, so I came up with a couple concept ideas. See below for photos, descriptions, and other information. Prices include shipping anywhere in the US. The wolf fur is raw, naturally shed, and portion of proceeds from sale of these items will go to the wolves of Mission:Wolf, who donated their fur for these little projects. Slots are determined by how much time and supplies I have. Payment by PayPal ONLY or your item may not ship in time before I leave!

Materials: Fang-shaped glass bottle filled with naturally shed wolf/wolfdog fur, hermetically sealed and strung on a black leather cord with wooden bead choker, and a real fossilized Alaskan sled dog tooth.

Price: $20.50, includes shipping anywhere in the US.

1.) watcher457
2.) stardansr - paid

Materials: Naturally shed wolf/wolfdog fur stuffed in a glass bottle and corked. See quarter in photo for size reference. Same size as coyote bottles. A small dog toe bone is tied to the neck of the bottle with black hemp. The toe bones came from roadkilled stray or feral dogs, and reclaimed for use (since dogs are modified wolves anyway, I didn't feel it was a clash including them as a charm on the bottles).

Price: $7, price includes shipping anywhere in the US.

1.) growly - paid
2.) stardansr - paid

Thanks for looking!

P.S. To those who ordered coyote bottles on my last post, if you paid, your bottles have been shipped! Thank you!
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